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SEGR Publishing LLC

SEGR Publishing LLC provides done-for-you strategies to expand your influence and connect you with streams of new clients for increased revenue. We do not work with “expert wannabes” to make you appear as an expert. If you are already an expert in your field and want to increase your visibility, the SEGR team can do that for you.

Bob Bare is the marketing and business growth specialist. Bob, the author of “More Power, the Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success,” with over 50 years of experience managing and growing enterprise businesses, expands his enjoyment by assisting others in creating business growth and generating new clients and revenue.

Bob’s journey to becoming a business growth specialist was challenging. Like many, he grappled with the secrets to rapid growth in the early years. However, Bob unlocked the keys to highly sustainable business growth with skilled mentors’ guidance and perseverance. Today, Bob and his team offer a comprehensive ‘A-Z’ strategy that encompasses every step needed to develop and launch effective marketing and online strategies tailored specifically for medical professionals.

TheĀ resultsĀ have been excellent and exciting. Continue with us on this journey as we share how you can experience exponential growth and revenue.

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Create Engaging Virtual Identity

We assist you in creating a virtual identity for you and your practice that encapsulates your vision. Virtual identity must be formed intentionally, or it will be by happen-stance and may not be accurate. Your branding identity is not only in the public’s mind; your brand and identity are now included in how AI sees you and your practice. You must influence your virtual and AI identity, and SEGR can assist you.

Generate Free Time for Our Clients

With a team of marketing and reputation experts managing your online visibility, you can focus on your expertise or enjoy more personal free time.

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