Just as in planning for a business startup, creating a book requires thoroughly answering several questions. In the creation of a business, the questions that initially need to be answered would for the basis for the executive summary of your business plan. Here are 16 questions from More Power, An Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success, by Bob Bare. The questions have been modified slightly from the book, to apply to authors instead of a business startup.

  1. Who are you, and why should the readers listen to you?
  2. Where are you in your process of writing your book?
  3. Where do you want to go with this book? What is your vision and purpose?
  4. What is the end result you want this book to accomplish?
  5. Who would really enjoy this book?
  6. Why would they want to read it?
  7. How many people, and in what markets, would want it?
  8. How are you going to tell them about it? What is your platform?
  9. Who else has written a book like this?
  10. How will your book be different from what is already in print?
  11. What are the challenges you need to overcome to complete this project?
  12. How much time and cost will it involve to penetrate your market?
  13. What do you have to bring to the table? How will you help sell this book?
  14. What are the possible rewards? What other products or business can you create from this project?
  15. What type of publicity and marketing campaign will this book require?
  16. What is your long range plan? Are there additional books or products planned?

So many times an author is so close to their vision and dream, it can be helpful to have a strategy session with someone familiar with publishing, and someone who has been in the book marketing business.

When you can clarify who you are writing to, and therefore who will be buying your book, before you start, you will do a much better and focused job when you write and set yourself up for success when your book hits the shelves!

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