Adding social share buttons to your content not only adds a sense of credibility, but also makes it easy for readers to share on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn


I tweet, you tweet, we all tweet for free stuff! A great way to market your book via Twitter is to take advantage of the re-tweet button. Give away a free chapter of your book to followers as a downloadable PDF.

Place a Retweet button with a pre crafted message in the PDF. When readers press the button a message along the lines of (I’m reading @usernames new book Title. Get the 1st chapter free here:http://link) will go out to their followers.

Don’t forget to add this feature to you final ebook!


Same as Twitter, your Facebook link should be embedded into promotional materials. The cool thing about FB is that you can add a comment box to any webpage. That means you can actually turn a page of your book into a social sharing center for your fans to give you feedback!


A great way to spread the word on LinkedIn is by taking advantage of the publications section under profile. This can be used not only on your book, but also free ebooks and newsletters. Just go under edit profile and find “Are you Published” area. From here you can click on “add sections” and follow the next few steps.

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