Self-Medical Diagnosis

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By: Dr. Edward Cagape (Author)

Imagine a place with no doctors. Or worse… Imagine a place where medical treatment was available but you were turned away because you couldn’t afford it.

After witnessing the horrific condition of patients who went untreated because they could not pay for medical attention, Dr. Edward Cagape decided that something must be done in his town of Samal and its surrounding villages. With a deep and resonating belief that medical treatment should be an entitlement and not a privilege, he began writing Self-Medical Diagnosis.

This book has essentially enabled the average person to take control of their own health, from diagnosis to treatment. Spending years compiling an extensive and comprehensive list of diseases, diagnostics and treatments, Cagape has written this medical handbook for everyday people like you and me.

For a person who is going to be in a medically isolated area and/or in an area where the general level of health knowledge is low, Self-Medical Diagnosis is an absolute necessity. A must have for every missionary, village caregiver, and anyone traveling to a developing country.

With its easy to understand illustration, diagrams and photographs of the human body, an untrained person can positively diagnose and treat (including drug and dosage) both common and rare afflictions.



Dr. Edward Cagape is Resident Physician of the Davao Doctors Hospital, and visiting Surgeon to all private hospitals in Davao City. His primary goal is to enable patients to distinguish the difference between an illness that can be treated by self-medication and an illness which needs medical attention. He lives and works in Samal, where he follows his calling to guide and educate the people, particularly, those who cannot afford to buy medicines or to pay a doctor, in an effort to prevent those without proper medical education from resorting to self-destructive treatment and experimentation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]