New authors sometimes think there are only two ways to get their book in print: having a traditional publisher accept their book and buy the rights to it, or becoming a self-publisher and getting the book printed themselves. There is a happy alternative to being forced to make that choice.

Hybrid publishers like Blazon Press, an imprint of Morgan James Publishing, and SEGR Publishing can give you the best of both worlds. You get broad distribution in bookstores with openness to book reviews and best seller lists, as you would expect from a traditional publisher.

You also are able to buy your book for your own platform at a wholesale price. This means you make most of the profit when you sell the book on your website or at the back of the room after speaking. You also retain ownership of the rights to your book.

Don’t settle for the limitations of traditional publishing, or the downsides to self-publishing. Contact SEGR Publishing for more information about the new alternatives. See our comparison chart at ******************