There has been a big shift in terms of publicity over the last few years. Thanks to the world wide web and social media it’s easier than ever to find ways to get your name out there. One of the biggest shifts has been in the press, or more so, how we get our information.

Bloggers are the new press, and there are millions of them out there looking for new content and ideas for something fresh to write about. We touched on blogging in our Book Marketing section, but here we will give you some ideas on how to engage them.

  1. Find the right bloggers. It’s important to get involved with bloggers that are in your genre. Make yourself known in this circle, but don’t stop there! Book bloggers are some of the most trusted and respectful folks out there. The downside to this is they are usually swamped with review requests. It’s worth repeating… Make yourself known.
  2. When you do approach a blogger to review your work make sure you spent your time researching them. Your query for review should be personal and engaging. Use their name and mention/compliment their blog. Realize that you’re asking them to spend 10+ hours to read your book, you can spend 10 minutes reading about them.
  3. Make it fun. Have a contest where bloggers can battle it out. Offer the winners a couple free autographed copies of your book, one to keep and one for a lucky reader.
  4. Take advantage of Type a potential blog’s address into their search bar. If they are in the top 100,00 they’re doing pretty good. Top 50,000 is considered excellent.

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