Our Team

Bob Bare

Bob Bare

As a serial entrepreneur of over 40 years, Bob Bare wanted to share his experiences of success and lessons learned by putting them in a book, to save entrepreneurs from the long and difficult learning curve they often encounter. That book was published as More Power: an Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success. In the process of writing and publishing his book, Bob had to learn the hard way the multiple learning curves that every author faces. This inspired him to begin SEGR Publishing as a resource for those creating and getting their work ready to submit to a publisher, as well as final publication. Both new and experienced authors enjoy working with a publisher who started as an author himself. Explore the possibilities by contacting SEGR Publishing..

Heidi Clingen

Heidi Clingen is the newest member of SEGR Publishing. As the company’s book coach, she completes the team for publisher Bob Bare’s visionary concept of providing every necessary service for would-be authors.The full SEGR book creation process is ideal for speakers, consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs who want a book that will propel their career. One of Heidi’s favorite services is her "Talk-Your-Book" program, for busy people who like to talk more than they like to write. After Heidi received a degree in journalism magna cum laude from San Francisco State University and was honored with a Dow Jones Foundation Fellowship, she held editing and staff positions at several publications, including Apparel News Group, The San Francisco Business Journal, and The Wall Street Journal. She is the co-author of two books on consumer financial literacy and is finishing two more books to complete the series. Since 2001, Heidi has owned Allwritey Inc. Word Polishing which elevates the presence of influential people by helping them write their books, blogs, and everything they need to succeed. For videos and more details about Heidi, click on www.allwritey.com

Judy Winestone

Judy Winestone has more than 30 years’ experience in educational television and corporate training. As a senior learning design consultant at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions she has designed, developed and implemented award-winning multi-media learning programs and co-authored several career-related training materials. Currently she consults with entrepreneurs on a variety of initiatives, including publishing, communication and business development. Judy received a Master’s in Education degree from the University of Toronto.

Patt Davis

Patt Davis has been in the printing industry for 15 years, with a background in sales and customer service in book printing and manufacturing. She brings to clients, her knowledge and expertise in book design, layout, stock selections, page count choices and size options. Her focus is on providing the most efficient methods of producing the finished book, educating the client during the process for optimum results.

Philip Winestone

Philip Winestone is a Professional Engineer, technical documentation specialist, photographer and artist (working in drawing, painting, ceramics, and wood). His professional career has spanned such multi-national corporations as Kimberly-Clark, American-Standard, IBM, and GE. Today he works on several initiatives, including publishing. He is also working on a book: a retrospective of his various art works.

Andrea Ferguson

Andrea attended The Art Institute of Dallas with a full scholarship in photography and design before diving into the world of ministry at Christ for the Nations in Dallas. After dedicating 10 years to full-time ministry, she went back to her design roots to help launch SEGR. She now owns 320 Designs which provides tailored packages to fit each unique client; whether you need a book cover and book promotion graphics or the complete branding experience. Fun Facts:

You can bet money that you will find Andrea on the weekends in her garden swing surrounded by chickens intently reading the latest book on natural medicine/healing.

Her favorite comedian is Jim Gaffigan…”Once you put bacon in a salad it’s no longer a salad…it just becomes a game of find the bacon in the lettuce!” If she could go anywhere on earth for two weeks it would be Italy…but realistically she’ll probably end up back at Disney World with her kids. One day she would love to finish learning how to play the guitar.

Andrea’s last meal on earth would be La Madeleine’s chicken salad sandwich on croissant hold the tomatoes.