Marketing The Million Dollar Practice

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By: Dr. Bill Williams (Author)

What is it like to start over at age 48? Dr. Bill Williams tells his compelling story of climbing the seven mountains of success after falling into the abyss that captures so many professionals.

Marketing the Million Dollar Practice is not just about ads, email campaigns or having a social media presence. The difference between a good practice and a spectacular practice comes from learning life lessons and applying them to the business of dentistry.

Marketing The Million Dollar Practice delivers valuable insights, useful tactics and essential systems; not just in dentistry but for all professional practices.

  • 12 Step by Step Practice Growth Strategies
  • 10 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Startup Practices
  • New Patient Experience with 93% Case Acceptance
  • Follow Dr. Williams’ Spiritual Journey Into Africa and Back
  • Develop Your Own Web-Centric Marketing Action Plan


Dr. Bill Williams is a highly acclaimed practicing dentist and an expert in dental marketing and management. During his 25+ years of practice, he has built several multi-million dollar practices. His consulting firm, Solstice Dental Advisors, mentors dentists by teaching them how to implement proven strategies for successful growth. Dr. Williams is now engaged as an author, speaker, clinician, teacher, mentor, pastor and missionary in addition to operating his private practice.