An optional way to get your book written is to use a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is a writer hired to write books, articles, stories or other texts using other people’s ideas, theories, and/or research and officially credited to that person. At first, it sounds like a bad deal for the ghostwriter, but in fact, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Professional ghostwriters provide a vital editorial service for people who need well-crafted materials but do not have the time or skillset to produce them on their own. If you believe your writing just isn’t cutting it; you do not have the time to organize, write, rewrite, and edit your project; or you want a polished draft by a specific deadline, you’ll want to tap into that supply.

Where to look

The best way to find a qualified ghostwriter is by referral from someone who has successfully used one. Publishing companies are a great source to ask as well. SEGR is familiar with many of the experts in this field and can steer you in the right direction. If you would like a referral or have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at

Although this is a freelance job and there is essentially no database or ranking system as yet, we live in fortunate times: the field is becoming more organized every year. Still, you must take care to find someone who feels comfortable to work with and will work within your budget and on your deadline, so shop around before you make your decision. Be wary of people whose web sites and conversations are mostly about their own titles; they are more likely authors, not ghostwriters.

Work with a pro. A professional ghostwriter should know how to conduct effective interviews; organize the material for maximum impact; interpret, expound, and extrapolate from the material to write compelling chapters; add “punch” to the work through appropriate line editing, and advise or guide you through the myriad publishing options—all the while maintaining your voice, your intent, your perspective, and your confidentiality.

Pros do not provide samples of their clients’ work; nor will they show yours to other potential clients, but they will offer testimonials, references, and payment options, just like any other professional service provider.

Be Involved

Creating a book is an intimate process. Don’t expect to hand over the material and just sit back. A pro ghostwriter will forward first-draft material either in chapters or sections, and it is your job to review those pages carefully and provide deep feedback on what you want to be changed, added, or removed. Professional ghostwriters are accustomed or willing to working closely with their authors.

If you’re ready to see your book published but can’t find the time or resources to finish your manuscript, check out SEGR’s Write-Your-Book and Talk-Your-Book Programs. For more information on the SEGR’s writing programs or a referral to ghostwriters or ghostwriter organizations, contact