In 2008 ebooks made up a minuscule 1.18% of publishers’ revenues. By 2012 it had reached a staggering 22.55% of their revenue. Christmas day 2009, for the very first time, Amazon customers purchased more ebooks than physical books. Since then the numbers keep growing.

Having your book available as a download is a must these days. Not only is it a profitable market, but it can be great PR as well. Amazon has a very loyal customer base, and their reviews can boost your sales enabling you to climb up the Best Seller’s list.

This is why it’s critical for you to have your files converted by someone who knows what they’re doing! An entire industry has evolved because of this ever-growing market. So how do you identify the good from the bad?

First of all, the person converting should be knowledgeable in how books are laid out. A lot of your formatting can be lost in translation, and your ebook should read as well as your printed version. Knowing how your printed layout looks, a good converter will know how to code the HTML to reproduce (as closely as possible) a replica of the original.

However, some people may never want to offer a printed book. There are many books on the market these days that are ebooks only. In both cases, there are many options when it comes to having your book as a download. To learn more about your options, schedule your free consultation at