Do you have an important message to share with the world? Regardless if your words flow easily, you still have the knowledge and a story that will make an impact or maybe even change the world.

If you want to write a book, there is a way. If you haven’t even begun to write your book, don’t worry! This may actually play to your advantage.

My car mechanic once said to me, “What’s writer’s block about? I’ve never had mechanic’s block!” Unfortunately, as creative thinkers, we sometimes get in our own way. Having a brilliant idea can sometimes cause distortion instead of clarity. On the other hand (fortunately) as creative thinkers, we also know there is a solution to every problem.

Maybe you only have an idea for that really great book. Maybe you have been holding on to your manuscript for years. Maybe you’re about to give up on your dreams of ever seeing your book finished and being read by raving fans.

If you’re having trouble clarifying your vision or coming up with a realistic, workable plan, it’s time to adopt a more resourceful way of thinking! We offer many customized plans to fit your needs, including the Talk-Your-Book and Write-Your-Book programs.

Begin by envisioning your book as something that you want to build and you are the general contractor. First, you design your blueprint with your team. Think of the team at SEGR Publishing as your book-building team. We are here to help you plan the most innovative, visionary, and efficient strategy for your book.

SEGR allows you to be involved and informed throughout the entire process. We give you support where you need it, making the process more enjoyable and more profitable. We believe that everyone has their own unique perspectives, experiences, and specialized knowledge to offer the world and we are here to help your story be the best it can be.

Don’t give up on your dreams of seeing your book finished! Founded by authors, SEGR is a unique company that knows how to challenge you and prevent frustration, as well as bring out your best writing. We will gently guide you through the rough spots, making writing fun again, and help you zoom toward your goal of a completed manuscript.

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