Any business owner or entrepreneur knows the importance of business building, and your book is a business! As authors, it is up to you to build your business; your platform. Your author platform is how you reach your targeted book buyers and how you plan to continue to do so. It means you are influential and able to market and sell.

No matter what avenue you choose to publish, marketing and platform building relies heavily on you. Traditional publishers have significantly cut back their marketing budget, so unless you’re John Grisham, chances are your marketing won’t get the attention it needs to succeed.

Here are some easy ways that you can promote your platform on a regular basis.

  1. Go to and set alerts using topics that relate to your book or area of expertise. Set them to be delivered daily, and then review your alerts for the following actions:
    • What can you learn that will add to your expertise?
    • Who can you connect with, congratulate, of comment to about the topic?
    • Is this information you need to post or tweet about, perhaps include in your blog?
  2. Use Google Blog Search and to find blogs in related fields that will accept guest contributors or guest posts.
    • Search phrases such as: (your expertise) + write for us.
    • Search: (your expertise) blog + contribute.
    • Save the URLs by rank, and include a description and contact info (or delegate/outsource this!)
    • Read some of the blog posts you find to see if you can add value to them.
    • E-mail the blog author 3 to 5 topics you can guest blog on and tell them how they will add value to his/her readers.
  3. Always ask your happy clients to give you a testimonial or endorsement. You can help them write it by providing guidelines, prompts and questions.
  4. Build your list of subscribers at any opportunity and work at all times to create a lasting relationship with them. A compelling complimentary offer on your website in exchange for collecting your visitors’ contact information is a great idea!
  5. Look for speaking opportunities: at Rotary Clubs, networking groups, and service groups. Always bring a copy of your book with you, and hold it up as you give examples or stories that are in it.
  6. Network and mastermind with thought leaders in your field. This can be done both online and offline. Social media helps leverage your networking time. LinkedIn is a great network for creating Joint Venture partnerships and mutually profitable associations.
  7. Study creative and innovative marketing concepts. Books, conferences, workshops, audio courses… they’re all a must; but be sure to follow up with action.

Most of SEGR’s packages include a one-on-one marketing consultation. If you are looking for more information or are in need of a more in depth marketing plan, please contact us at for a free consultation.