Book Coaching

It takes lots of self-motivation to write a book. Writers’ groups can help, but sometimes a more personal, one-on-one approach is more effective.

The world is filled with would-be authors who are too self-conscious about their work to show it to anyone, preferring instead to write and rewrite until they reach perfection which, all too often, never comes.

This is where a writing coach can help. A coach will help you stay accountable to your writing schedule.  He or she will challenge you and prevent frustration, as well as bring out your best writing and gently guide you over the rough spots. Look for a book coach with whom you feel a strong rapport, mutual understanding, and a trusting relationship.

A book is a big project, and a close relationship with your coach will be an important factor for your success.

Your coach should also be easy to work with, motivating, and encouraging! SEGR has a team of experts in this field and can steer you in the right direction.


We’re here to help you to find your perfect match. If you need guidance in finding a book coach, feel free to contact SEGR Publishing at


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