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December 12, 2016
The Rib of Christ

The Rib of Christ


Revealing the Mystery of the Bride of Jesus Christ

Author: Dennis Schave


Publication Date: 2/16/2015

Subject Codes:

REL006140 Religion : Biblical Studies – Prophecy
REL067040 Religion : Christian Theology – Christology
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The Rib of Christ explores two doctrines that are taught and accepted by many people. One, that there is a “true church”, and two, that the “true church” is the body of Christ referenced in the Bible. Who are the people that will be united with God for eternity? Whether you agree or disagree with what Dennis Schave has to say, he will challenge you to think through these questions for yourself.


Author Bio:

Dennis Schave is a Gospel Teacher-Evangelist. He is the President of Schave Ministries. Rev Schave travels throughout North America, preaching and teaching the Christian gospel.He has conducted workshops on team building & communication skills, organized and facilitated retreats for pastors and church leaders, and is beloved by many, along with his spouse Evelyn.

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