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Simply Healthy

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The Delgado Diet Cookbook

Author: Dr. Nick Delgado

Publisher: SEGR Publishing LLC

ISBN: 978-1619200111

Pages: 264

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: December 1, 2012


Subject Codes:

CKB039000 Cooking : Health & Healing – General
Category: .

Good health is our birthright. We should live our years actively, in lean, light bodies, with abundant energy, flexibility and muscular strength throughout our lifespan. Along with sensible exercise and emotional happiness, proper diet is essential in creating a state of vibrant health. In “The Delgado Diet”, Dr. Delgado has assembled the best medical and nutritional opinion, plus the fruits of his own vast experience in nutritional counseling, to create a superb, common-sense guide to optimal nutrition through healthful (and delicious!) food choices.

Author Bio:

Nutraceutical Clinical Labs Inc., Vice President Marketing 1999-2000 Grow Young and Internet presentations 1999-2000 Healthy Studios, Inc. President & Founder 1993 – Present Film, Video, audio, documentary, commercial and infomercial productions. Delgado Optimal Medical Care Inc., President, majority stockholder. 1983-1993 Hired, trained staff. Mobile Lab screening, Advertising, paper-write copy, place ads. Radio shows. Public Relations, TV and radio host. Developed ten-week seminar program in Los Angeles and Orange County. Diagnostic Sciences Inc. & Wellness Centers – Established complete vascular lab 1983-1992 Administration, management, advertising, sales, and marketing of all departments Research and Development of health care. Billing, collections, negotiations for services Longevity Research Center, Nathan Pritikin Director, Santa Monica, California Education conferences and studies for development of Wellness Centers

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