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December 8, 2016
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Stories of Courage and Survival in Aviation Disasters

Author: Ken Jenkins

Publisher: SEGR Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781619200364

LOC #:  2014953894

Pages: 174

Publication Date: 3/21/2015


Subject Codes:

TRA002040 Transportation : Aviation – Commercial
SOC040000 Social Science : Disasters & Disaster Relief
FAM014000 Family & Relationships : Death, Grief, Bereavement
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Although flying is one of the safest modes of transportation, accidents do happen, and when they do, the aftermath is devastating. With today’s 24- hour media access, we are bombarded by images of twisted metal, debris and personal belongings, smoldering away in a seemingly endless nightmare. Aviation disasters are like no other. The sudden loss of life gives rise to emotions that are both powerful and unfamiliar. How do survivors and family members blend this horrific experience into their lives? Each person is different in how they handle their grief, but in the end, they all share one common distinction – RESILIENCE. As an Emergency Response Manager involved in eight high-profile aviation accidents, I have been forever changed by the compassion and empathy of the survivors, family, and fellow responders.


Author Bio:

Ken Jenkins is a professional emergency manager with extensive experience in planning, logistics, training, deployment, response, and after-action analysis. Ken has built a remarkable track record, successfully preparing for and responding to emergencies ranging from severe turbulence encounters to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He has personally assisted air crash survivors and victims’ family members; directed a large corporate response team; led multiple Go-Team deployments; set up and led command centers, both headquarters-based and on on-site; and coordinated with call centers answering inquiries through a publicized toll-free number.Along with his diversified background and extensive technical knowledge, Ken possesses true compassion and a deep understanding of relevant issues. Originally a volunteer member of the American Airlines Customer Assistance Relief Effort (CARE Team), Ken was later selected to train prospective CARE members, earning a reputation as an exceptional instructor. Following a promotion to Senior Analyst, he worked exclusively on CARE readiness, policies, procedures, training, facilities, and logistics.Ken assumed leadership of the program as Manager in 2001, serving 7 years in that capacity and directing over five hundred CARE Team Members deployed following the 9/11 attacks and the Flight 587 crash later that year. All told, Ken has responded to 8 major accidents and numerous lesser emergencies.After leaving American, Ken became Vice President – Emergency Services, for BMS Global, and earned a Masters Degree (with Distinction) in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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