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December 8, 2016

A Strand of Hope


America’s DNA

Author: Ruth Cooper

Publisher: Canyonwalker Press

ISBN: 9781619200340

LOC #:2014951546

Pages: 118

Publication Date: 12/12/2014

Subject Codes:

REL033000 Religion : History
REL015000 Religion : Christianity – History – General
SOC039000 Social Science : Sociology of Religion
Category: .

Long before the cold winter at Valley Forge, to the bleak grayness of 9-11, there have been many times when it seemed all hope was lost. Woven throughout the history of America, an unbreakable strand of hope has pulled us through. The Strand of Hope began long ago, and Ruth Cooper not only identifies what and who it is, but how to connect with that hope, and let America’s DNA rebuild our faith and create a revitalized energy in our society.

Author Bio:

Ruth Cooper, Founder and President of Above All Names Inc., is a business owner, teacher, and minister who has traveled and led prayer teams nationally and internationally. A teacher and lover of history, God, and country. Ruth spent many years researching American history. She has ministered to politicians and others on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., throughout the years. As an ordained minister, she has led groups throughout the United States, denominational divides while spreading the message of hope and love to all people.

Ruth adores the family God has given her. She has been married to her husband, Barry, for 36 years. A mother of five children; Ryan, Stephanie, Cyreese, Bo, Dillon, and grandmother of three. Ruth resides in Palm Beach County, Florida

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