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Can you see that Jane Friedman just grew her platform by writing such an informative blog post?

If you do not have a large platform, this is where you can become totally discouraged, but don’t. There is hope! Many authors discover that traditional publishers especially almost require the author to have an extensive platform, and someone who is self-publishing is in denial if they think they can sell books without creating one. Authors sometimes feel like they don’t have the time or money to write their book(s), blog, do social networking, speak, do interviews and everything else that goes into their platform.

It is at this point of discouragement that well-placed advice from experienced authors and professionals becomes advisable. While it is important to be building one’s platform concurrently while creating one’s book, unless an author has deep pockets, selecting the most effective techniques and media for platform creation are critical.

There are countless people who spend hours on social media because they enjoy it or have been told to when it is not always done in an effective way to build their audience and followers.

One of the biggest mistakes an author can make is to focus solely on writing a book, and totally ignoring the issue of their platform until it is done. In fact, spreading the word about what you are writing, getting input and ideas, and building anticipation can be a great way to build your audience.

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